A Collection Of Dog Tattoos That Are Totally Pawsome

by Modi

Nothing says forever like ink if you ask me.

If you’re a dog lover, then chances are you wear it proudly like a badge of honor. For obsessed pup parents, showing off your love for the canine kind just comes naturally. There are many people who rock cattoos—AKA cat tattoos—but dogs deserve all the love, too! We’ve rounded up some of the best of the best dog tattoos for you to enjoy, and if you have some forever ink dedicated to your canine companion, or just dogs in general, don’t forget to share it with us—we’d love to see it!

This pawprint is dainty and feminine and perfect for a gal who loves dogs…Screen Shot 2019 11 21 at 6.37.28 AM

The details on the fur are so lifelike! 

dog tattoo 19

Who wants a high five furever from their four-legged friend?

dog tattoo

These side-by-side portrait dog tattoos are totally rad!

dog tattoos

“When I reached for a hand, I found your paw.” ????????

dog paw tattoo

This cute little doggy even helped design his mom’s dog tattoo!

The paws of the dogs are being tattooed on their owners and the result is adorable 59b65897ef2cd 700

The colors and the expression? WOW! ????????feature 1

This little black-and-white Collie portrait is so beautiful…bw port

The colors on this one really bring this dog tattoo to life!

dog tattoo

This chocolate lab portrait is so sweet!

drawn golden retriever dog tattoo 418569 7691365

Peek-a-boo puppy paw tattoo!

paw tattoo designs 94

So matchy-matchy!

paw tattoo 24 59b7a78985f04 700

Look at this little bulldog with a crown, too precious!

best dog tattoos

This finger tattoo idea is totally pawsome!

girl tattoos 3

This small outline of a pup holding a flower in its mouth is so gosh darn adorable!


And when two people call a dog theirs, they get matching dog tattoos to show their forever love! 🙂 


And sometimes instead of a portrait or a paw, you get your dog’s name tattooed on you—just like Jennifer Aniston did for her dog Norman after he passed away…awww!


Did you enjoy this collection of dog tattoos? If you know someone who would enjoy it too, don’t forget to share it with them! 🙂

dog tattoo

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