A Proven Method For Relieving Your Dog’s Painful & Itchy Skin

by Amber

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My dogs are loving this crisp fall weather. They jump in every leaf pile I painstakingly put together and are enjoying their time outside without getting overheated. And while their antics make cleaning up the leaves last a bit longer, I find so much joy in watching them have fun. The cooler weather is giving us more opportunities for outside play, but I know it’s also going to cause problems. Dry skin is especially common in winter months whether you’re human or canine. And while I can lather up my dry skin with my favorite-smelling lotion, my dogs don’t have that option. That’s why I give them an omega fatty acid supplement to keep their skin in great shape.

I actually give my dogs an omega supplement for more than one reason. Did you know dogs with lymphoma going through chemo (like my dog Copper) have a better chance at a long remission if they’re given a daily dose of omega fatty acid? It’s also great for boosting heart health. My dog Bailey has a heart murmur, and she gets an omega supplement in her dinner every day all year-round.  I’ve also noticed both my dogs have softer, shinier fur since I’ve kept them on an omega supplement.

My dogs are my family, and I do everything I can to protect their health and well-being. I know taking a few extra seconds at meal times to add an omega supplement to their bowls will be worth it once winter weather hits.

Cold Weather and Dry Skin

As the air outside becomes cooler, it also becomes dryer. Gone are the days of 80% humidity that make you feel like the air is actually thick, hot soup. No humidity is wonderful, but dry air causes the moisture in skin to evaporate more quickly than it usually does. Everyday Health says skin’s ability to hold in moisture is decreased by 25% during winter months. This causes skin to become dry, flaky, and chapped.

Allergies and Dry Skin

If you’ve noticed that your dog’s dry or itchy skin sticks around no matter the season, you might be dealing with an allergy. Itchy skin is one of the most common allergy symptoms in dogs. Unfortunately, dogs can be allergic to just about anything. It could be an ingredient in their food or something in their environment. You’ll need to pinpoint the exact allergen to bring your dog long-term relief, but an omega fatty acid supplement will help until that happens.

Dry Skin in Dogs

Canine atopic dermatitis is the medical term for dry, itchy skin in dogs. Some dogs have more sensitive skin than others, but it can affect dogs of any age or breed. If it’s left untreated, dogs can itch themselves like crazy looking for relief. They bite their paws and spend all day scratching. Those behaviors can cause a long list of serious consequences including:

  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots
  • Lesions
  • Bacterial infections

Choosing Omega Fatty Acids for Relief

Omega fatty acids, including omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 are vital for your dog’s nutrition. Dogs can’t produce omega 3s on their own, and that means they need to get everything from their food. Most commercial dog foods, however, (even the “complete and balanced” ones) are seriously lacking in this fatty acid department.

The reason why fatty acids are great for dogs with itchy skin is because it reduces inflammation and moisturizes the skin. It simultaneously relieves itching while preventing future discomfort. Omega 3, 6, and 9 work together in terms of an ideal ratio to help dogs feel their best. A daily supplement with all three will benefit your dog no matter the weather or season.

If you want to help overcome your dog’s dry or itchy skin, a daily supplement with omega 3, 6, 9 is a great place to start. Riley’s Essentials Omega Complete is formulated with the best ratio of omega 3, 6, and 9. It’s sourced from Antarctic krill oil and comes in a tasty soft chew. Dogs think they’re getting a yummy treat when you’re actually helping them enjoy all kinds of weather without the worry of dry skin.

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