Pets Displaced By Tennessee Tornadoes Need Your Help

by Amber

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Last week, the entire country grieved after a powerful tornado ripped through Nashville, TN. Tens of thousands of buildings were destroyed, hundreds of people were injured, and 24 people lost their lives.

While Nashville residents pick up the pieces of their lives, we can’t forget about the hundreds of pets that were also affected by this natural disaster.

Posted by Nashville Humane Association on Monday, March 9, 2020

The Nashville Humane Association is struggling to keep up with the overwhelming number of cats and dogs displaced by the storm. The situation has escalated in the past few days, and shelters need help.

When the storm hit, countless dogs and cats panicked and ran for cover. It’s doubtless that several were killed, and many others ran in any direction they felt was safest. Families lost track of their beloved pets in the chaos.

Now that the immediate danger has passed, Nashville is a city of lost dogs and cats. Many of their homes, however, have been destroyed. 

As an entire city tries to put itself back together, Nashville animal shelters are busier than ever.

Every day, more pets are brought in. Some were found wandering the streets, and others are being surrendered because their families can no longer care for them.

Nashville Humane Association and Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control are doing everything they can to reunite lost dogs and cats with their families. They’re working with local shelters to make room for more intakes and taking in as many animals as they can. 

Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control reported admitting 86 lost pets since the storm. Many are still at the shelter, but thanks to microchips, 33 have already been reunited with their families.

These are the lost pets that have entered the shelter in the past 24 hours (that have not already been reunited with…

Posted by Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control on Tuesday, March 10, 2020


In order to help as many animals as possible, rescuers and shelter officials are working with advocates all across the country.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis has agreed to take in a number of adoptable dogs. The rescue organization is planning to transport the dogs to St. Louis and utilize their network of dedicated fosters to help these displaced pets.

They’re asking for everyone in the St. Louis area to consider fostering. Stray Rescue will provide all necessary supplies until the pets find permanent homes. By fostering one dog, you make room for rescuers to take in even more displaced pets.

While the city of St. Louis does everything they can to help, now is the perfect time to adopt a shelter pet. Nashville Humane Society posted on Facebook saying that the best way people can help their storm disaster relief effort is to adopt. Every adoption means there’s an extra kennel for another animal in need. And with every adoption fee, shelters can continue their life-saving work.

If you can’t adopt, there are several other ways you can help Nashville’s displaced pets. Fosters and volunteers save lives, and Nashville shelters are accepting monetary donations.

Visit the Nashville Humane Association website to offer your support.

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